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Maryland Department of Budget and Management Cases
(Formerly Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning)

Here are actual Maryland Department of Budget and Management cases that Scott Livingston represented:

TITLE: Catalyst, Rx
MSBCA #: 2759, 2762, 2768, 2780, 2784
YEAR: 2012
CASE TYPE: Bid Protest

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TITLE: Caremark PCS
MSBCA #: 2544, 2548, 2568
YEAR: 2007

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TITLE: Daly Computers, Inc.
MSBCA #: 1727
YEAR: 1993
CASE TYPE: Bid Protest
ISSUE: What information must be available to a disappointed bidder to meet the "knew or should have known" test to commence the running of the seven day period for filing a bid protest?
HEADNOTE: It is the factual determination on a case by case basis of what a reasonable bidder knew or should have known at a given time in the bidding process which commences the running of the seven day period. A reasonable diligent bidder must have facts available to it to actually or constructively know its basis for protest.

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